Buying a property from an investor or through real estate agency

What are the obligations of the buyer and seller in the real estate market?

The buyer must pay the seller the full amount of the agreed purchase price and the seller is...

In what way is rental of property taxable?

When a physical person leased property, the tax base is the monthly rent minus the lump sum costs...

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I have been collaborating for many years with the agents from the real estate agency DOMUS with whom in the last five years I have achieved cooperation in buying, selling and renting of properties. On this occasion I want to thank you for the effort, time and hard work in continuous finding of a suitable tenant / buyer for my property. Speed ​​of implementation, the expertise of agents, the ease of communication that I earn with them and trust that we have built a guarantee of the continuation of our long-term cooperation.

Clients: Božo Mandić